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Burns Night
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Burns Night

Burns Night is associated with Scotland which is also known for its Victorian art and architecture-rich tradition dating back to the 18th and 20th century. Tourists all over the world flock to the place to celebrate and participate in the annual Burns Night festivity. Scottish have been known for taking their celebrations seriously and this has been one of the celebrations that features all the wonderful and tasty Scottish foods and drinks.

This tradition started a few years after the Robert Burns’ death in 1796 as a commemoration of his successful career being the National Poet of Scotland. It started off as a tradition among his friends who agreed to celebrate it annually and meet up again in January of the following year. This slowly grew and was known to be as Burns Supper.

Burns Night 2017 Celebration – Schedule, Haggis Dinner and Scotch Whisky Toast

Today, Burns Night celebrations are lined up with whisky, a haggis dinner and recitation of Burns’ poetic and lyrical works. Activities would often include piping of the guests, welcoming speeches, the piping and address to the haggis, followed by scotch whisky toast and more.

If you’re a tourist, you would really enjoy seeing or watching this wonderful celebration in as much as you would also feel the warmth and hospitality of the Scottish people. The celebration for this year was held last 25th of January, giving London and the whole United Kingdom a reason to celebrate the tradition of food, whisky and heavy partying.

From ceilidhs to whisky, Burns Night of celebration filled with Scottish music and meals would leave tourists fascinated that they would want to go back the following year to celebrate. This is now a tradition and festivity that every tourist, young and old are looking forward to celebrating with the rest of the Londoners across the United Kingdom. Come and celebrate with the people in Glasgow as they once again commemorate their poet and lyricist Robert Burns.

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