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Bus Travel

Bus travel is the most popular and widely used means of public transport in London today. The unique double-decker buses offer not only the cheapest means of transport, but also the most convenient when following a multi-stop itinerary. The route network is comprehensive across the city, such that buses are widely available in any area of London, 24 hours every day. This makes buses a flexible, quick, cheap and readily available transport solution for the tourists and the local residents in London.

Further, when travelling using the London’s iconic double-decker buses, you get an opportunity for free sightseeing of the many attractions and landmarks you may not get an opportunity to visit individually. The fact that visitors do not need cash to pay the bus fare, allows you to simply purchase a Visitor Oyster Card or Travelcard for their entire itinerary. This arrangement is not only cheap, but also very convenient for the tourists. When travelling as a family, all the children under the age of 11 years travel for free alongside the seniors and physically disabled.

When planning to be in London for a week, month or a year, there are numerous discount offers available for bus travel. All you need is to match your itinerary with available bus networks for a significantly minimal charge, and you have permanently resolved your travel concerns for your entire trip. Bus maps and accompanying timetables are readily available either in digital or downloadable PDF formats, when planning your itinerary. The buses will be available and running deep to the night, even when London Underground or Tube is unavailable.

In recent times, bus tours have become a prominent and unique form of tourism, where visitors tour across London, appreciating the architectural splendor of the city. The buses travel from one attraction to the other, offering sightseeing opportunities across assorted monuments, buildings and landmarks. The bus often makes brief stopovers for the tourists to take memorable photographs encourse the tours. Such tours are made even more appealing by the multilingual tour guides who on board every bus. As London becomes a popular destination for many tourists, bus travel is increasingly becoming a pivotal means of easy, convenient, cheap and reliable transport.

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