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Changing the Guard
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Changing the Guard

Changing the Guard 2018 is just around the corner! This colorful ceremony takes place outside the Buckingham Palace. The event, which is also known as the Guard Mounting normally, takes a maximum of 45 minutes. For you to catch a glimpse of this magnificent event, you must make the necessary arrangements to be there in time.

Essentially, it involves the introduction of the New Guard that takes over the Old Guard. The beauty of the event is that you get to behold the grandiloquence associated with the Queen’s Guard, which comprises of soldiers who are on active duty. Dressed in traditional red tunics accompanied by bearskin hats, this event is a rare spectacle.

Changing the Guard 2018 Schedule and Buckingham Palace Information

It is important to note that Changing the Guard 2018 will be taking place in line with the past events. The event, which is free to watch, tends to attract thousands who are always amazed at the precision and high sense of captivating decorum that is only associated with the Queen’s Guard. The event usually takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays after which it continues every day from 16th of June depending on the weather. This gives you time to plan and manage your schedule effectively.

When you are planning to be part of Changing the Guard 2018, it is advisable to note that no other ceremony takes place during these dates. As such, ensure that you have the ceremony schedule in advance. Since this free event is very popular, you are advised to arrive early so that you can manage to secure a strategic spot that will give you a good view.

Furthermore, when making the plans, check our Information Box below to know more about the ceremony schedules. This will help you to learn and know what to expect before the event dates.

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