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Chelsea Flower Show in London
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Chelsea Flower Show in London

Chelsea Flower Show in London 2018 is as sweet as a honey bee! It is The Great Spring Show everyone is ecstatic about whenever May arrives. What more can you expect from Britain’s most prestigious flower and landscape garden show? It is a five-day event where celebrities and even royalties go for a visit with the same purpose — to appreciate and relax in the presence of these flowers and gardens.

Ever since 1912, The Chelsea Flower Show has annually been held in the Royal Hospital Chelsea, London. It was Britain’s largest flower show — well it was Britain’s before until it was overtaken by the Hampton Court, but it still proves to be the grandest of all. Even before, the show already has a nursery, flower arrangement events and landscape gardens to visit.

Chelsea Flower Show in London 2018 – Landscape and Garden Show Information

Did you know that the first Great Spring Show was held in the garden of Kensington? It was in 1862 and then it was moved to Temple Gardens from 1888 to 1911. It was moved again to its present venue in Royal Chelsea Hospital a year after. Well, the history of this flower show is too complicated to follow but it’s the only flower and landscape garden show that the Royal Family most loved. They attend the first day every year!

Today, the Chelsea Flowers Show receives a lot of publicity and is attended by a lot of visitors worldwide that is why all tickets are sold out even before a week before the event. It was covered nationwide on television by BBC and even an official DVD of the show is produced! The highlights to look forward in this show include the small gardens such as the Artisan and Urban Gardens. There’s also the avant-garde show gardens designed by popular names in flower arrangement industry with Floral Marquee at the centerpiece. It’s really a perfect event for spending time to browse some delicately arranged flowers and landscape gardens with your family.

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