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Chessington World of Adventures
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Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures started about four decades ago as a moderate theme park. The Chessington Lodge mansion was originally constructed in 1348. The mansion had survived through the centuries as a war stronghold, a farmhouse, a family house, an alehouse and an animal zoo. With numerous restorations and expansions through the ages, ultimately, what once was only a lodge would eventually become London’s most priced theme park of the 21st century.

At the onset of 1987, the Chessington Lodge hosted four pioneer rides namely Safari Skyway, Runaway Train, Dragon Falls and Toadies Crazy Cars. From that, the World of Adventures would never be the same again. The Magic Carpet was also launched on the same year. Today, Chessington World of Adventures is the home of 40 iconic rides and hosts over 1000 wild animals such as giraffes, tigers, gorillas and lions. When you are not enjoying the dodgems and the rollercoaster rides or watching the wild animals however, you will get a similar adrenaline from the underwater adventures.

Chessington World of Adventures – Chessington Lodge Masion, Safari Skyway, Runaway Train

Among the contemporary theme parks in London today, the Chessington World of Adventures has made a statement nearly impossible to outcompete. On offer includes such lasting attractions like the Black Buccaneer or Smugglers’ Galleon launched back in 1988, Bubbleworks in the Transylvania land introducing Professor Burp and the Vampire in 1990, and Forbidden Kingdom’s Terror Tomb opened in 1994. You will also enjoy some of the adrenaline-pumping rides that have defied aging, including Samurai, Rameses Revenge and the Seastorm rides where you will witness being as high as 60 feet from the ground while a 360 rotation blows your mind away.

As the tension builds and you brace the railings overwhelmed by adventure, do not forget that there are over eight gigantic sharks nearby. Since 2011, SEA LIFE has transformed the world of undersea adventure with such mysterious underwater cities as AZTECA where the reef sharks roam. With over £15 million and more spent in 2014 alone to improve the theme park, you will not be able explore half of what Chessington World of Adventures now offers on a single day. There is also the temple-themed restaurant and Resort hotel themed to perfection to cater for your meals, splash-water play zone for your breaks, and over a hundred creatively themed rooms to visit.

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