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Coca-Cola London Eye
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Coca-Cola London Eye

Coca-Cola London Eye represents not just a cantilevered observation wheel reeling across River Thames, but also an engineering marvel and a masterpiece of design. Gradually and gracefully rotating 135 meters from the ground, pivoted from the very heart of London, the eye watches over the Queen’s capital with absolute patriotism. Below the wheel, River Thames is as calm as it has always been, and the Big Ben and Houses of Parliament stand stout as if saluting the eye of London. The architectural marvel is in itself an English landmark, from whose platform visitors gain a 360-degree aerial viewpoint of almost all the other celebrated landmarks in London.

The tallest, and arguably the most cherished cantilevered observation wheel in the world, Coca-Cola London Eye is in many ways a global brand. Just imagine a visitor or a resident who has never had a concise clear view of the entire London deciding to try. Imagine having a 4-D view of the entire city, through 32 high-tech and crystallized glass capsules, with a 360-degree symmetry. Imagine the visitor, already overwhelmed by the site, having a high-end tour guide standing beside him or her, exploring the site in any language most convenient to the visitor. This is not just about the sight though, since recently, they have started using a maze of multi-sensory special effects consequently consolidating a lovely scent, controlled wind, and watery bubbles into the scenic masterpiece. That’s not all, now imagine having such an experience, as the wheel gradually rotates above London for a distance of 40 kilometers, and doing so for an overwhelming 31 minutes or more.

Now that is neither imagination nor fiction. That is the experience that the Coca-Cola observation wheel provides a multitude of visitors each year. Simply put, it is an experience and a spectacle like no other, and one offered at only a marginal fee of about £23 for adults and £16 for children above 4 years of age. Perhaps this best explains why the Coca-Cola London Eye is the most popular, the most frequented, and the most appraised landmark attractions in the capital city, today. With online booking readily available, and an assortment of price discounts for groups and seniors, that trend is no likely to change soon. The visitors include not just those on their first visit to London, but also many who live there, seniors and the youth alike. The location has adequate bathroom facilities even with a wheelchair, ample parking space, WIFI access, and almost every other public facility a visitor may need.

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