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FA Cup Final
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FA Cup Final

FA Cup Final in London 2018 will be another much anticipated event come May 2018. The competition is the oldest football tournament in the world, having existed for 146 years to date. Amazingly, the first season was played in 1871-72. If you are an avid football fan, you wouldn’t want, by any chance, to miss the FA Cup Final in London 2018. This year’s tournament saw Arsenal bag their 13th title; FA cup win.

FA Cup Final 2018 – Tournament Schedule, Tickets and Game Information

It was a well contested match that saw two goals from Arsenal side through Aaron Ramsey and Alexis Sanchez. And a goal from Chelsea side through Diego Costa in the 76th minute. Chelsea suffered a red card, given to Victor Moses and the match ended at 2-1. Arsenal’s win also, skyrocketed their team manager, Arséne Wenger to clinch the most successful manager title in the competition; with 7 finals won to his name. Arsenal, a much-celebrated team in London and considered one of the best teams in the world, is a slight fraction of the teams that participate in the FA Cup competition.

The competition is open to level 1-4 professional teams in English football. Most people root for underdog teams throughout the competition but at times, odds change against them. The tournament’s final has been traditionally held at the infamous Wembley Stadium for several years and has since being sponsored by Emirates until 2018.

When considering places to travel, the FA Cup Final in London 2018 will definitely be a catchy choice for you and your travel buddies. It is always an engaging and thrilling match to watch. You will get to experience a rich football history and culture that has aged well just as good wine does. And if, by any chance, football doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are many beautiful serene places to see in London and without mention, great shopping malls too.

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