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Flights to London
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Flights to London

Flights to London can be scheduled to arrive at any of the five international airports within or near the city. The five airports include London City (LCY), Heathrow (LHR), Gatwick (LGW), Stansted (STN) and Luton (LTN) airports, which receive flights from almost any nations in the five continents of the globe. Heathrow is London’s primary airport based on its location, followed by Gatwick, located just outside the city, but the two are the busiest airports currently serving majority of tourists arriving in London today. Stansted Airport is 29 miles away from Central London, followed by Luton Airport at 27 miles, Gatwick Airport at 25 miles, Heathrow Airport at 15 miles and London City Airport at 6 miles.

Heathrow Airport is the primary airport to London, and for a good reason. Currently, Heathrow Airport hosts 105 leading airlines, which facilitate 15,113 international and 7,980 domestic flights to over 197 cities every week. Gatwick Airport on the other hand hosts over 60 airlines, which facilitate 3,808 international and 1,519 domestic flights to more than 224 cities in the world every week. The two major airports should however not marginalize the popularity and preference of the London City Airport, hosting 18 airlines and facilitating 1,379 international and 427 domestic flights every week to to 49 cities across the globe. This only but exemplifies the easy, convenience and competitive varieties of flights to London today,

Numerous factor should determine the flight you book when visiting London, including the time, price and point of origin. Considering the hotels near or most accessible from your landing airport, including the hotels you may have already booked also determine the most suitable flight. Further, you should also consider your likely time of arrival at the airport and the convenience of reaching your choice of accommodation. While some tourists come to London using connection flights, especially when originating from countries with direct London flights, most tourists use direct flights. Nonetheless, regardless of whether you use a direct or connection flight, both groups of tourists receive similar reception as soon as they land in any of the five international airports in London.

The five airports have been connected to the tube network to facilitate convenient, speedy and cheap transports to and from major destinations across London. Each provides adequate amenities, shops and cafes for the travelers when flight in or out of London. In conventional practice, majority of tourists choose from three major airlines when planning a visit to London, namely American airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Thomas Cook airlines. Nonetheless, there are numerous options of flights to London that visitors can choose from from almost of every nation or origin in the global map, offered by tens of other airlines.

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