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KidZania at Westfield London
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KidZania at Westfield London

KidZania at Westfield London is the pioneer of a new type of theme parks in the UK. Covering what is perhaps the most dominant section of the Westfield London shopping centre, KidZania now offers an unprecedented brand of adventure for the young. At the heart of brand is educational entertainment, where critical life skills are packaged in thrilling adventure and fun. The resultant experience is that of learning what the children would never have understood, in any other context.

Most importantly however, KidZania is not a conventional school. Rather than education, the park offers educational entertainment. Rather than have formal classes, KidZania has developed a 75,000 square-feet city, replicating the refined cities of the future. While in the city, children assume critical duties and responsibilities in over 60 adventures. The city facilitates assorted professional occupations, and the child defines the resultant outcomes of their chosen career. The children will be extremely excited to participating in the role-play, and in the process will amass numerous real-life skills.

KidZania at Westfield London

As a result, KidZania at Westfield London has become an arena where the children choose what to learn, how to learn, and then proceed to teach themselves in practical settings. Although the target audience is for children aged between 4 and 24 years old, the fun is having the children act as adult professional in various fields and disciplines. The safe environment and supervised activities ensure that while having fun, the children-become-adults embrace the thrills of adventure without risking their wellbeing.

Ultimately, for the price of entertainment, the child gets life-log education free. KidZania is devoted in mentoring and empowering the next generation of pilots, fire fighters, bank managers, law enforcers and doctors. Only in this theme park can a child initiate a dream of being a space explorer with comparable equipment. A novel type of theme park adventure is no longer a dream but a reality. As the certain falls on investing in the future of mankind, KidZania at Westfield London is busy enriching the potential of that future with assorted life skills, from team work to independence, and from survival skills to financial literacy.

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