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Legoland Windsor
By Rob Young [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor is a small world in another planet when it comes to adventure. This is the land of Lego, where rides will take your breath away, where adventure shows are of their kind, and where model cities are of an exclusive brand. Hosted by the Windsor Resort at Winkfield Road, the land of Lego is a perfect destination for family adventure. Children and adults alike get that rare opportunity to witness firsthand, the extent to which creativity, imagination and artistry can push entertainment.

Most of the activities, rides and shows have been modeled to provide all-round entertainment, where everyone, regardless of age of interest, will find something that keeps their mouth agape. Indeed, the theme park is of its kind, not only in London, but also on a global scope. Uniquely ideal for family day-outs, Legoland Windsor has established itself for being the home of velour, thrill, excitement and adventure. With over 55 independent interactive attractions, the land of Lego has gradually become a must-go theme park for the modern family.

Legoland Windsor

Families often start their adventure at the theme park with driving a Lego car, before riding the dragon at Dragon Knights’ castle. By the time evening comes however, the family will most probably have stared in a pirate show, explored the hidden depths of Loki’s Labyrith and panned for pirate gold. That however does not include the immersive experience of setting sail with the Vikings, surviving the splashing waves and negotiating with the pirates. In many ways, the water rides are on a class of their own in the land of Lego.

With luck, you might outrun the dragons, outmaneuver the pirates and sail with the Vikings. Make sure that you are an expert driver before you take the wheel of a Lego car, and when the dragons are not chasing you, you might consider looking for Pharaohs’ hidden the treasure or visiting Mia at Heartlake City. Most of Mia’s friends will also encourage you to try the Duplo Valley or any of the many other Lego constructions built with customized Lego bricks.

In between the rides, the family will have adequate attraction facilities to keep the tides going. Adequate attraction and catering facilities are also accompanied by an iconic picnic site, a branded cafe, and conveniently located patron toilets. Legoland Windsor is without question, one of the most engaging theme parks in London today, and its increasing popularity only but confirms that. Next time you are in town, you are welcome to the land of Lego.

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