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London Boat Show
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London Boat Show

London Boat Show is now approaching the seventh decade of exhibiting the latest and grandest of Britain’s boating industry. A brainchild of the British Marine Federation under the mentorship of the National Boat Shows — London’s premier boat show announces the arrival of January every year, by hosting the elite of the boating world to exhibit the old and the latest entries in UK’s boating registry.

Today, the London Boat Show was first hosted at Olympia, at a time when it was a high-class affair for the rich. With prominence and popularity however, and growing demand, the show moved to Earls Court Exhibition Centre on January 1957. The gigantic pool at Earls Court would witness some of the most imaginative designs of the day, as visitors inspected a collection of floating boats.

London Boat Show 2018 Exhibition – Royal Victoria Dock Boat Display

The boating fever would however catch on quickly, even becoming common among middle-class Londoners. In the 1950s decades therefore, relatively cheap and affordable boats entered the boat show for display. Thus, was born an exhibition mantra of the most imaginative boat designs in the UK.

On the first decade of the 21st century however, even the Earls Court could not accommodate the number of visitors attending the exhibition. Consequently, in 2004 the exhibition was moved to its current location, ExCeL Exhibition Centre, at the very heart of London’s entertainment and business lifeline. With 32,500 square meters of space, and an on-water display setting, the boat show is a headline of London news every year.

The exhibition is further boosted for the visitor with numerous entertaining activities including wakeboarding and related water sports, and craft indoor-action series that are extremely enjoyable. Nonetheless, central to the exhibition are assorted boat types and designs, with the most impressive features imaginable. This is then complemented with collections of boating equipment, boating features and even boating wear (customized clothing). Interactive exhibitions allow visitors to participate in the presentation of infinite boat features.

Today, even the tall boats and huge boating vessels are exhibited just outside the ExCeL Exhibition Centre, at the Royal Victoria Dock. Visitors now will not only inspect small boat designs as Kayaks, Dinghies, Canoes and the Stand-Up Paddleboards, but also an assortment of complex boat designs including the larger boats just below a waterline.

Indeed, for the first time ever, boat show is now exhibiting a regatta to accompany such specialist naval ships and marina as the Frigate or Destroyer. Whether visitors want to see or buy, the London Boat Show exhibits the latest and most advanced features of the modern boating world.

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