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London Dragon Boat Festival
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London Dragon Boat Festival

London Dragon Boat Festival is a much-anticipated event every year at the East End of London. It is an event hosted by the London Chinatown Lions Club and supported by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office. It is also co-organized by the Hong Kong Executives Club and the London Chinatown Chinese Association. The tournament’s main goal is to provide financial support to Chinese schools around M25 or the London Orbital Motorway. It also aims to preserve Chinese culture in London and let other people experience it as well.

London Dragon Boat Festival 2017 Schedule, Lion Dancing, Food and Performances

For this, they showcase not just the dragon boat competition but also display different martial arts exhibitions, showcase the classic Chinese lion dancing, different types of live music, different cultural theatrical acts, stunning dance performances, Tai Chi sessions, food festival for different Asian street food and dance comedy and games that individuals and families can enjoy on the entire duration of the activity.

The main event here is the dragon boat competition where different contingents from different countries come to compete. A dragon boat is a muscle-powered water vessel which originated in Asian countries especially China. At first, it was just a vehicle used by Chinese for wandering around lakes and rivers. After some time, it became a race or a sport 2000 years ago as an activity done for religious and folk ceremonies. It has then become an international sport with a lot of new exciting changes just like decorating the dragon boat with Chinese ornaments.

With the thrill that the race can elicit from its viewers and the entertainment the colorful dragon boats give, surely many people will be very much amused by the show. Added with different kinds of activities that will surely excite visitors, the London Dragon Boat Festival has become a very much awaited annual celebration that many people look up to.

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