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London Dungeon
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London Dungeon

London Dungeon is the home of horror and not just horror, of a poor breed. Lurking in the dark alleys are the creatures that may stop you heart from pumping. Grab a seat and listen to the thrilling tales of unbelievable adventure. Although you are warned that that nothing is real in this ghostly city, the stories are narrated so well for them not to be true. When you entered the dungeon, you willingly chose to question reality, to exceed any anticipation and to watch the candid narrative of the underworld.

Now open your eyes wide as reality is recreated with macabre and gory details. What you previously thought were mere historical events, will now transform to the tales of pure horror. The gallows humour style or the sound and visual effects will only worsen the horror. Every single one of your senses is on high alert, watching out for the surprises that are exclusively devoted to worsening your fate. As you listen carefully, your body will no longer be at County Hall, Riverside Building but a million miles away from planet earth. Only then will you know that you are in the London Dungeon.

London Dungeon

Do not make the mistake of assuming you understand the plot. As the story unfolds, you will come face to face with what your imagination cannot comprehend. Before you, are legendary characters intertwined in frightening horror. You watch as the judges and torturers craft unfathomable duels for your heroes. Among contemporary attractions in London today, the Dungeon is without question, the most iconic. It is the home of adventure and horror. Indeed, the Dungeon is unique in thrill and fiction, clothed in unprecedented engagement uncommon in theme parks, and most likely to offer an unforgettable time of adventure.

Luckily, they have adequately catered for your amenities and facilities, from catering to picnics, and all you have to do is survive the dungeon. There are adequate amenities for individuals, teams and families, including those using a wheelchair. Leave the rest of the cares behind, and welcome to the rite of passage, London style. Open seven days every week thought out the year, except on Christmas days, the London Dungeon is gradually becoming a mandatory rite of passage for the Information Age generations.

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