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London House Hotel
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London House Hotel

London House Hotel personifies the finesse of the city’s accommodation in the 21st century. Located at 81 Kensington Gardens Square, the hotel is a favorite for foreign visitors. Within a set of about 5 townhouses with the 19th century Victorian theme, the hotel is conveniently accessible and offers high-end amenities at a very affordable price range. Frequent visitors characterize the hotel as a romantic, family and business hotel mainly it offers services that are essentially central to the three types of hotels.

Being very near London’s city center, the hotel is a perfect destination for those who spend most of their days sightseeing, shopping and touring the city’s prime destinations. For the shoppers, the hotel is located about a walking minute from Whiteley Shopping Centre. For those visiting London’s theme parks, the hotel is an 8-minute walk away from Hyde Park. For those concerned about transportation to and from London House Hotel, the choices are innumerable. The hotel is only a 4-minute walk away from the Bayswater Tube Station. This is in addition to the train station and highly accessible and convenient road network.

London House Hotel, Affordable High-end Amenities and Accommodation Information

The type of rooms available includes the Hotel Class and Hotel Style rooms, all of which are refined in tone, brightly illuminated, and with adequate air conditioning. Each room has a flat-screen TV set, kitchenettes, a mini fridge, minibars and an assortment of amenities including free high-speed Wi-Fi connection. A room package comes with a modern continental breakfast and with non-smoking options available. When all things are considered, the hotel offers among the most competitive accommodation in London today.

That is not all. The hotel has a reputed modern dining area flooded with delicate skylights to add to the pinch. The visitors are served by an expansive multilingual staff that is not only friendly, but also interactively helpful including the reception assistance and the housekeeping staff. With adequate parking available, packages high-end amenities whose quality and reliability is competitively reviewed across the board. In the neighborhood of Notting Hill, with Kensington Gardens Square just across the road, London House Hotel offers a calming environment for a memorable stay.

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