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London Marathon
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London Marathon

London Marathon 2017 may have come and gone, but the streets of London are already gearing up for the tournament’s return in 2018. From all indications, the event should make a return in April same as this year. The annual long-distance running event has grown in relevance ever since its inception in 1981 and as recent indications may suggest, it will only get better!

Asides the long history of the tournament, London Marathon ranks among the World Marathon Majors. The 2017 edition was a ‘blast’ and the new sponsorship deal with Virgin Money only suggests that the 2018 edition will offer more to London citizens and tourist alike.

London Marathon 2018 – Virgin Money London Marathon Information

While many trained athletes participate in the main events, there are other side activities that dazzle with a similar spectacle. Typical examples of such side attractions are the following that might catch your interests.

Amateur Races: This event accommodates amateur runners from all over the world who are keen on showing off their talent. Research has also established that more than 30 thousand participants yearly are amateur runners.

Mini Marathon: A mini marathon is a sister event that takes place simultaneously with the main event. The event’s course starts at the last 3 miles of the London Marathon and it accommodates runners from age 11 to 17. This group of runners are from all the 33 London Boroughs, it also accommodates 13 teams from 10 English regions and 3 home countries; Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

BBC live coverage makes sure that people who can’t follow the event live have a glimpse of all the action live on TV. It promises a refreshing time — thanks to great presenters that will make the live coverage worth your time. Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 is gradually gathering momentum and it promises to be explosive for both participants and viewers.

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