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London Zoo

London Zoo, located at the Outer Circle towards the northern side of Regent’s Park, is the undisputed oldest scientific zoo in the world. Known by the locals as Regent’s Zoo, assuming by default that this is the only zoo that can be in the region, only testifies of its popularity and esteem. Understandably, the zoo has achieved many firsts. In 1849, the zoo became the pioneer Reptile house in the world. This was followed by becoming the world’s first public Aquarium in 1853, the world’s first insect house in 1881 and the world’s first zoo for children in 1938.

Today, the zoo is without question, one of the most competitive brand products from the Zoological Society of London, explain why the destination is largely know and published as the ZSL London Zoo. Over 698 animal species reside in the zoo, with individual animals numbering above 20,166. This is the largest animal hosting environment in the United Kingdom. The Zoological Society of London has numerous locations and sites that are more spacious and conveniently located far from the city’s busy streets. A good example of such convenient sites is the Whipsnade Zoo also managed by ZSL in Bedfordshire. However, what ZSL does is not to transfer the zoo, but to transfers their largest animals out of London, albeit occasionally. Evidently, their brand identity is defined by being within the city of London.

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ZSL Regent’s Zoo is without question, one of the foundational pillars of the city of London. It takes but a few minutes for visitors and tourists to acknowledge that the zoo is indeed part of London, and part of the London lifestyle. For instance, its location is also anchored at the very heart of modern London. Not only does the Regent’s Canal run through the zoo, but it is also bordered by the borough of Camden and the City of Westminster.

Looking back, the Zoological Society of London was established back in 1826. Their pioneer product was Regent’s Zoo, which was inaugurated on 27 April 1828, exclusively dedicated to be a scientific zoo. The founders were initially interested in hosting a collection of wild animals and living organisms to be used for scientific research, mainly as in experimental, behavior, psychological or biological research. All the animals previously residing in the Tower of London’s menagerie changed residence and joined Regent’s Zoo 1832. What the scientists initiated however, would gradually become the worlds’ most established scientific zoo. The zoo thus opened its doors to the public in 1847.

Among the priced offers the zoo promises visitors and tourists include Meet the Animals experience (close-up interaction), Lookout Lodge experience (a day with white rhinos), the Gir Lion Lodge experience (overnight stay), Junior Keeper for a Day (mentoring young zookeepers) and Educational Day (for personalized school visits). Other offers include the Friendly Spider Programme (overcoming spider phobia), Keeper for a Day experience and Advanced Photography Workshops among many other customized tourist experiences.

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