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National History Museum
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National History Museum

National History Museum is a landmark feature of London, and one with its pillars firmly anchored on educational entertainment and leisure. Offering state-of-the-art exhibitions, the natural history museum hosts over 80 million distinctive items among them earth and life science specimens. The specimens under exhibition are collected in five categories namely zoology, mineralogy, entomology, botany and paleontology.

What however makes it a premier tourist destination in London today, are not the wide range of specimens, but the interactive exhibitions. The museum has adapted defined itself as uniquely technology empowered, featuring some of the latest and most advanced display technology in modern museums. Whether in guided or self-guided tours, visitors have at their disposal complementing knowledge from numerous sources at a go. The museum hosts 36 different galleries with free public access clearly captivated for directions in the museum map. Once visitors get the map at the entrance, again free, they can plan their routes throughout the expansive museum.

Themed for a busy year, the museum maintains a busy calendar of temporary exhibitions, special events and featured attractions. From Dino Snores for the kids to movie nights, from guest speakers to discovery documentaries and from Dino Snores for Grown-Ups to Crime Scene Live, the National History Museum now provides assorted attractions that will make and sustain you as a repeat visitor. They always provide detailed and timely listings of what is on, as part of their widely available calendar of activities. The facilities provided are vast, easily accessible and adequate when serving the needs of all visitors throughout the year. Here, you will get the opportunity to see the world’s most iconic Diplodocus skeleton at the museum, before you reach the blue whale model displayed in Central Hall.

Remarkably, you will also come across numerous high-end laboratories as some of the most distinguished scientists in Europe continue with their research oblivious of your presence. Do not forget the Dinosaurs gallery or the world-class collection of live birds and animals at the Tring. These too are a part of the exhibitions that will redefine your experience t be exceptional.

The museum also hosts a reputable restaurant and several cafes to avail drinks and fresh meals while visiting. Before you go, make at stop at the gift shop, or any of the museum shops and take with you a memorabilia before you visit London again. The main frontage for the Natural History Museum is on Cromwell Road, though with two other sub-museums, namely Victoria and Albert Museum and Science Museum also located within London. You can access the main Museum from any of the two entrances, one at the Queen’s Gate and the other on Exhibition Road.

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