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Ridgemount Hotel
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Ridgemount Hotel

Ridgemount Hotel is nearing its golden jubilee as one of the life springs in Central London. Established in 1972 as a family business for the Duke of Bedford, the hotel has been a critical part of London’s attractiveness as a tourist destination. Encourse these years, the hotel has been a jewel of tranquillity and style for visitors coming to London for either pleasure or business. Conveniently located at the heart of Central London, Bloomsbury, the hotel provides traditional family-themed accommodation unique to the brand.

As a choice accommodation option, the hotel excels in offering comfort and luxury packaged for the ultimate comfort and convenience of the visitors. The hotel has sustained a marketing ideology of targeting return customers more than the new customers every year. According to the management, the hotel defines their customers’ experience with absolute satisfaction, thus transforming first timers to regulars with long-term loyalty. Among the 32 guestrooms on offer, 15 of them have en-suite facilities. The bathrooms in the guestrooms vary in type to include singles, triples and even quadruples.

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All of the rooms nonetheless, are enriched with assorted amenities and facilities with high-end quality, which include central heating, portable air conditioning, flat screen digital television, hair drier, mini-fridge and free Wi-Fi connectivity. Ridgemount Hotel provides excusive amenities and services such as a model 24-hour guest lounge with dispensers for both hot and cold beverages and drinks, networked guest computers, an ironing board, regular laundry service and a secluded rear garden. Spending an evening of relaxation at the beatified garden in the hotel’s backyard, may easily make you forget your itinerary when visiting London.

Ridgemount Hotel has been a part of a London’s city centre for many decades now, becoming a sister to many of the most popular landmark destinations in London. They have shared the city’s essence with the British Museum which is less than 400 meters away from its doors, Dominion Theatre which is only 600 metres away and the Prince Edward Theatre which is only 900 metres away. For foreign visitors coming to London, the London City Airport is only 13 KM away and public or car transport is conveniently available and commendably quick.

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