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Shrek’s Adventure! London
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Shrek’s Adventure! London

Shrek’s Adventure! London brings to live the imaginative animation inspired by the DreamWorks film. The arrival of Shrek in Westminster Bridge Road has unleashed a fairy tale of adventure and conquest that London’s South Bank can barely contain. Giving you an unprecedented 4D experience and a cheeky-though friendly Donkey as guide, you better be ready for a new age of adventure.

While this will be an indoor adventure, your mind will be a million worlds away from London, as you walk and ride en-course the video. The dramatic and highly refined special effects will make sure of that as will the captivating storytelling. You will participate in a story that only Shrek can narrate and go with him to a place where fiction becomes very real. Courtesy of DreamWorks Animation and Merlin Entertainments, you can now become a part of the hilarious adventure of Shrek and friends.

Shrek’s Adventure! London – DreamWorks, Westminster Bridge, South Bank

Watching Shrek’s Adventure! London gives you an opportunity to meet any of the acclaimed Shrek characters and to participate in the adventurous thrill of that only Shrek can dare. Your task will be to find your way around a smelly swamp, negotiate the odds against Lord Farquaad’s magic-mirror maze and survive extremely powerful spells. Then and only then, will you save Pinocchio and return home safely. Understandably, experts have concurred that the animation, visual symmetry and sound effects used in the narrative are on another level of mastery.

Although several other prime attractions are near County Hall, where Shrek’s Adventure! London is hosted, including London Dungeon, Coca-Cola London Eye and SEA LIFE, you are likely to forget all that the moment you behold Shrek. The show is most suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years, but a huge part of the audience are much older. When the tale begins, it will not matter whether you were accompanied or accompanying, all that will matter is the world of Shrek. Among the most notable attractions in London this year, you should not miss this Shrek’s adventure.

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