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St. Andrew's Day
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St. Andrew’s Day

St. Andrew’s Day is a holiday celebrated in the United Kingdom. St. Andrew is Scotland’s patron saint which means that he is the protecting or guiding saint of Scotland. He was a Galilean fisherman before he became the first of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ. As Scotland slowly shaped into a nation, the people needed a symbol or person to call their own and St. Andrew is who they chose.

The man was crucified on an “X” shaped cross — the reason for that shape on Scotland’s national flag. Since this saint is a huge part of Scotland’s culture, a day was created in honor of him. This holiday was made into Scotland’s national day and became a bank holiday in the United Kingdom in 2006.

St. Andrew’s Day 2017 – Holiday Celebration and Information

Since St. Andrew was crucified on November 30th, that is the day on which he is celebrated every year. You can find several festivities all over the UK on St. Andrew’s Day. Although it’s not as heavily celebrated as it is in Scotland, there are activities even in London! This city takes on many Scottish cultural aspects for the day. They bring out the bagpipes, lots of whiskey and even haggis (a type of savory pudding popular in Scotland).

One place that celebrates the holiday in a traditional way is the Ceilidh Club, where they provide lots of Scottish dancing, singing and food. There is even a St. Andrew’s Day Ball held at the Whitehall Palace! People who would like to attend may buy dancing only tickets or tickets that include dinner before the dancing. Of course, the tickets without the meal are a bit cheaper, but both options offer an amazing experience filled with more Scottish dancing and whiskey for all. These are just a few things to do in London to celebrate St. Andrew’s Day.

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