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St Patricks Day
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St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day may not be a national holiday in the UK today, but it is among the most iconic festive days in London. Every year on the 17th of March, or the weekend closest to March 17, denizen Londoners and thousands of tourists indulge in the Irish gallantry for a legendary traditional feast.

The day starts with a flamboyant 2.4 km parade match from Central London to the Whitehall, making celebratory stops at numerous landmark locations including The Ritz, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square.

St Patrick’s Day 2018 – Parade, Pageantry and Festival Information

St Patrick’s Day is a sacred national holiday in Ireland, as the country celebrates a heroic Patron Saint, St Patrick. The celebrations are largely denoted by a traditional Irish feast, with pomp and colour.

Today, London joins hands with the Irish kindred every year, presenting an array of events and activities. Part of the programme includes pageantry and Irish dancing feats, as marching bands, sports clubs, community choirs and Irish schools transform ordinary London streets to the pomp and colour worthy of hosting the Patron Saint. Recent events have featured several star performances by invited guest to add to the ceremonial magnificence of the day.

Visitors are always advice to confirm the date scheduled for the celebrations a few weeks before the third weekend of March every year. The dominant colour theme of the celebrations is green, which explains why most uniforms and decorations are in light green. Even the clubs and pubs across London mark the day with green decorations.

On display is always the splendour and spectacle of Irish traditions, punctuated by traditional Irish dishes. It is always a great day for a family outing — and interestingly, most of the attendees are visitors rather than the residents of London. The St Patrick’s Day is no longer just an Irish holiday, but also a day when London raises a glass of Guinness and makes toast for Saint Patrick.

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