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Thorpe Park
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Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park resort the ultimate echelon of London theme parks today, and for a good reason. The assortment of adventurous rides and the fantasy of phenomenal speeds make this park one of a kind. For the 10 to 15 minutes you are on Derren Brown’s creation creative Ghost Train, you will understand why he is England’s legendary illusionist and mentalist. Your head will spin faster than the speed of light, the grand illusions will overwhelm your senses, the sequences will be exhilarating and the 4D special effects will add a provocative dessert to a speechless meal.

The speed and height of these rides, their sequences and the architectural framework on which they are anchored is incomparable to any other within and without Europe. Indeed, the experience will transform the theme park in totality, to the dreamland of adventure seekers. It is not just the thrill, the tension and and the fun, rather, it is something more than that. The experience is replica to witnessing and participating in transforming to a speed boat of infinite potential, and doing so when you are sited on the propeller.

Thorpe Park

Most notable among the rollercoasters currently at Thorpe Park include the Swarm, which is the first-ever winged rollercoaster to reach continental Europe. Imagine starting at zero and attaining a speed of more than 80 MPH, within two seconds? Well, that is the Then there is Stealth for you.

That does not even come close to the trademark features of the Slammer and the Detonator, both of which pride in defying the law of gravity at a height and speed that should only be possible with a jet. If these rollercoasters do not challenge your thirst for adventure though, then try the Colossus, and by its second twist, you will not remember that you are in London.

Still, the adventure goes even further than the rollercoasters. You can spend your time with the dodgems or even choose between the teacup rides and the high speed swings. If you are a water fanatic, then your options range from water rafting to water fountain and from waterslides to the log-flume water ride, the maze of adventure at the park is sky-bound. Strategically located at Surrey, between the towns of Staines-upon-Thames and Chertsey, Thorpe Park is owned and managed by Merlin Entertainments. In the truest sense, this is the home of mind-bending thrills, overwhelming illusions, intricate tension, intense thrills, and symmetry of high-end adventure. Now that is a destination you had better not miss if you ever want to understand the very heart of London.

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