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Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is the single most popular and iconic bridge in the world. That is not an assumption or a claim, but a fact. The statistics of annual visitors, and the critical reviews it gains as a tourism destination, proofs it. Further, this is the only bridge in the world that has a glass floor giving the visitors for spectacular landscape views. Indeed, it is the only bridge in the world with atmospheric engine rooms, namely the Victorian engine rooms. Interestingly, that is not all.

This bridge serves does not serve the purpose and value of a bridge, except for the few pedestrians and vehicles who pass by. Rather, it stands as an iconic and extremely fascinating tourist attraction in London, hosting numerous rooms away from the bridge itself. No other bridge in the world is as valued, not for its intended purpose, not for its role as a bridge, but as a cultural symbol of civilization. A bridge valued for hosting such fascinating exhibitions is not a bridge, but a tourist attraction. Most tourists love the Tower Bridge not for being a bridge, but for the stunning panoramic landscape, they can view, from the bridge. This bridge has hosted thousands of heroes and celebrities, all of whom understood the magnificence, calm and décor of watching London life from the bridge.

Constructed between 1886 and 1894, the bridge was a pioneer work of engendering, at least at that time. It creatively combined a suspension bridge and bascule across River Thames under the watch of the Tower of London. With tow bridge towers lopped together by two horizontal walkways, the bridge was designed to balance horizontal tension exerted by its suspended landward sides, and those of the upper tower sides.

It has taken years to earn its place as a gem of London’s tourist destinations while still being but a bridge. Having 1000-tonne bascules with dozens of whirring wheels, moving pistons, and a novel atmosphere transforms what could otherwise be engine rooms to the state-of-the-art attraction. Watching the coal-driven engines appears comes with the feeling of amazement, just as if the tourist was watching intricate and highly sophisticated machinery at work. There is just no way to explain what is as purely attractive and preciously delicate about the Tower Bridge, but whatever it is, means more than a bridge.

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