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Viking Hotel
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Viking Hotel

Viking Hotel has taken nearly a hundred years to earn its esteem as a priced landmark attraction in London. The 100-strong guestrooms in the hotel narrate a story of a time when the Vikings came to London. This was in the early years of the 1920 decade. When the Vikings arrived in England’s capital, they brought with them style, class and upscale finesse of luxurious accommodation. Today, what London inherited from the Vikings is a high-end hotel that simultaneously caters for families, business teams and group of friends, with exceptional brilliance.

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Although relatively small, which suits most of the guests, the hotel has stylish, high quality and conformable guestrooms to adequately meet all the needs of a visitor. When going to the Vikings, a guest has to choose between a romantic theme or a family room, and a casual room or a luxurious room. The most valued guestrooms also have a beach front accompanied by requisite amenities and facilities. Besides a free breakfast package, every guestroom in the Viking Hotel has free Wi-Fi connectivity, timely laundry services, model kitchen, mini-fridge, fat-screen TV, portable air conditioners and hot tub.

The child and pet friendly hotel is ideally located for the most attractive sites and landmarks in London, and a visitor can easily go to any of the many shopping centres such as the Long Wharf Mall Shopping Center which is only a 12-minute walking distance away. Indeed, the most popular attractions in London are a short walking distance away, including the International Tennis Hall of Fame and Museum the Viking. Further, when coming to or going to the London City Airport the Viking hotel provides a convenient airport shuttle service for all guests.

Undoubtedly, their housekeeping is exceptional with a skillful team of multilingual staff members, who are not only friendly but also extremely professional. All guest has unlimited access to a 24-hour reception, restaurant, beach front, guest lounge and bar, business centre, high-end spa, customised fitness centre, expansive free parking, networked computers and indoor swimming pool. Today, the hotel is gradually becoming the idea holiday spot, with an environment nearly alien to the busy rush of London’s city centre. Indeed, among the wide range of hotels to visit while in London, Viking Hotel ranks high on that list.

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